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    User defined metric no triggering alert


      EM 11.


      Go to host > user defined metric > call a script.

      my script runs some sql and returns number and message as follows


      em_message=this is my alert message


      The metrics reads the em_result and I can see it coming back in.  Heres the thing, my evaluator wont fire

      I have my comparison operator as "> 600000" then Critical.  Number of occurrences before firing = 1


      However, even though the number coming back in is 650000 it wont fire the alert, I keep seeing the critical display as the green tick so not firing..  So I set it to > 1, nope wont fire.



      As a second question, I want it to run once a day at 4am,  if it runs and fires an alert, can it be set to clear automatically? I want the next run to be its own so if the first one hasnt been acknowledged the next one should fire as well.