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    ATG 10.2 issue with scenario sendEmail


      Hi all,


      I am using ATG10.2 and I created a register scenario that sends an email, like Welcome email to new registers.

      I configured all smtp properties, but the email isn't being send. I checked the emailStatus property in the profile, and it is valid status.


      I don't have any error, and debugging scenarioManager component I saw that the event is atg.dps.Register, it seems well.

      But I got this in my debug too:


      "0 individual instances found for subject user:4604715"


      Any idea?


      Thanks in advance

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          Could you enable debug for SMTPEmailSender component and check what is happening there.One more thing,while sending email,dummyMode should be false.If dummy mode is true,then it will not send email,it will just display on console.


          Hope it helps.



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            Gautam Singh

            Make sure your Scenario is enabled and running by browsing  ScenarioManager component in dynamo admin's component browser.

            Refer following link for details:

            Viewing Scenario Information in the ATG Dynamo Server Admin Page


            If your scenario in running then try enabling logging debug and ScenarioManager and see if you find something fishy in logs


            Monitoring and Debugging Scenarios

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              Hi all,




              Thanks for the answers. Logging debug helped me to solve the problem, I modified the scenario passing the siteId to the condition.

              But now something a little strange is happening: sometimes the scenario sends the email, sometimes it doesn't do this.

              And when scenario doesn't send the email, no logDebug and no erros are found.




              Some help to solve this strange point?




              Thanks in advance

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                Nitin Khare

                Can you try by adding a time element between the register event and send email action. When a user registers, ATG internally uses some messages to update the system. To ensure that messages have been processed it is a good idea to wait for some time (say 5 minutes) after the register event in a scenario before taking the next action. See if it helps in your case.

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                  Hi NitinKhare,




                  I tried it, but the problem still happens. I did a new register, 5 minutes passed and the email was sent.

                  After it, I did another test, and after 5 minutes the email was not sent, but when I confirmed the new register the debug logs an event type Register was found and scenario has to send and email after 5 minutes. But not sent.




                  Any other idea?

                  I really don't know what are happening, I read many Oracle ATG docs and couldn't find any solution.





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                    Nitin Khare

                    Not sure what exactly is the issue in your environment but just throwing in some ideas... TemplateEmailSender has a property to send emails in the same thread. You can check that as I think for local scenario events it can be safely set to false.


                    Try setting dummyMode to true in SMTPEmail and check whether you can see all of your email template's markup rendered in the console/server logs every time email action is triggered. I'm suggesting this just to confirm that email action is getting triggered after every registration event so we are good till that stage. Sometimes if you have more than one ATG instance connecting to same database,  there is a possibility a rogue instance (which might have been registered as GSS/PES) can pull the JMS messages out of the internal event queue before a legitimate server gets it. So ensure that you are not running in this type of situation.


                    In ATG, when emails are sent using template email sender, a HTTP request is generated and serviced to render the email template JSP. So another area you may want to look at is if there is any custom pipeline servlet which is causing some issue as that request goes through the pipeline.

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                      Hi NitinKhare,


                      My problem is solved. As you said, I have more ATG instances running and connecting same database.

                      I was trying to send mails from my server, but another server, running in another machine, was sending and logging the templates.


                      Thanks for all help.