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    Restrict/ Hide certain Supplier Sites in iProcurement Non Catalog Requisitioning


      Hello OTN Folks!


      Client ( on Oracle R12.1.2) would like to implement a functionality to restrict end users from selecting certain Vendor Sites when creating Non Catalog Requests. Logic behind this is that, these sites are used for Punchouts and when the user creates the Non Catalogs by selecting these sites, the supplier would receive incomplete orders missing important information ( like requester, contact info, supplier configured number etc). I did propose this to be covered by proper end user training, but the Supply Chain team would like to see if we have other options for the system to do this.

      We are ideally looking at restricting the LOV to not display these 'Punchout only' sites or at-least display a soft warning if the user submits the requisition with this site.


      I am sure there are other options that I am missing out on. Look forward to having a discussion on this.

      Thanks for your time,

      Kaushik Kuberanathan