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    OEM 12C JOb



      I am running a job from OEM 12C which include sql statements and it run on several databases
      and create a spool file in every database so what i want to:-
      1.create one spool file which hold all spool files information
      2.Hide the sql statements in spool file i tried set echo off but it is not working because i am
      running a job with sql statements not with sql script
      3.we have some servers which have more than one databases so when job run and it create spool file
        it overwrite the spool file information and show only database information on a particular server


      col ACTION format a7

      col NAMESPACE format a9vi

      col version format a10

      col COMMENTS format a25

      col BUNDLE_SERIES format a14

      col action_time format a30

      col ID format 9999999

      set linesize 150

      set pagesize 300

      spool /oracle/applied_patchsets.out

      select name from V$database;

      select * from sys.registry$history;

      spool off;

      Thanks and I really appreciate ur help...