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    ADF Server Domain Requirement on Oracle WLS 11g


      Hi All....


      I am new to ADF

      I would like to know if it is necessary to create an ADF server domain, or perform ADF specific configuration on WLS in order to deploy and run ADF web Apps on Oracle Weblogic Server 11g?

      Or can ADF web apps be deployed directly to the Admin Server without extra server configuration?


      I am migrating an ADF web app from WLS10g to WLS11g.

      Web App runs perfect on 10g...Though 10g contains an ADF server domain.


      I have deployed the Web app directly onto the Admin Server on 11g...(NO ADF Server Domain)

      The Web App runs, but does not display some components (buttons, tables, etc) on some pages. I am not seeing any errors or exceptions either.

      I think this may have to do with the Environment I am running the App in.


      Can you please guide/advise me as to what needs to be configured and setup on WLS for ADF to be deployed and run successfully on 11g?


      Thanking you in advance.