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    Install JDeveloper on existing weblogic server

    Waqas Ali Joya



      I want to setup a development and deployment environment like:-

      1) Firstly I installed Weblogic Server 10.3.5 11gR1 Generic (64bit)

      2) Then I installed Forms and Reports 11gR2 (64bit) on this weblogic server. I installed it successfully and checked it by making a simple form. The enterprise manager was also opening in the browser at this stage.

      3) After that I installed JDeveloper Generic on the same weblogic server. But Enterprise Manager of Forms is not working and it is showing 404-not found error.


      My question is that do JDeveloper can be installed on the existing weblogic server with other existing development tool like Forms 11g??????

      Had any one setup same environment like me????