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    Redirect after authentication in ADF security enabled application

    Tinto Chacko



      My JDeveloper version is


      I have created an custom login page in a ADF security enabled application where the user after authentication redirects to welcome page.

      What i want is, after authentication, redirect should happen to the user requested page rather than the hard coded welcome page.


      I have followed the below link to create the custom page



      I had also followed the link, Adf custom authentication  and created a phaselistener as per Frank's post https://blogs.oracle.com/jdevotnharvest/entry/how_to_configure_an_adf_phase_listener_and_where_to_put_the_file


      But I am not able to get the page id which was originally requested by the user.

      i am using ctx.getViewRoot().getViewId(); in the phaselistener to get the view id of the page.


      How can i get the page view id to redirect



      Tinto Chacko