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    Partial page refresh




      If you see the below Oracle demo application, charts list which is at left side is not refreshing when switch from one page to another.



      If you observe closely, only right sides of the chart regions are refreshing but not entire page.


      Please suggest who we can achieve this.





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          Paul Broughton

          Hi Meda,


          My guess would be that it uses a vertical sidebar list created on page 0 and has conditions stating which page it will be displayed on but without looking in application builder its difficult to give an exact answer.


          I would try this as a first attempt and see if it meets your needs.





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            Hi Paul,


            Thanks for the quick reply



            You are right and the list is coming from the page 0 in the oracle example URL.


            But when I click on list on my test application, entire page is refreshing.. But same in the Oracle Link, it is refreshing only chart region between pages.


            I guess we need to include some java code for the same.


            Please share if any useful code for the same.