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    Refresh issue


      I have 3 .jsff pages A,B,C. A task flow named 'header' is dragged and dropped in all the pages as region.

      The header comprises of commandImageLinks. When we navigate from A->B->C, the commandimagelinks work fine

      in a single click. But when I navigate from C->B->A, the commandimagelink has to be clicked twice.


      This is because the header is not getting refreshed. I want the commandimagelink to be worked in a single click.

      Can anyone help me to solve the issue?

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle



          when the command links are pressed, try the following code




          So do:



          RichCommandLink link = (RichCommandLink) actioneEvent.getUICompnent();


          UOComponent parent = link.getParent();

          while(!(parent instanceof RichRegion)){

                 parent = parent.getParent();



          if (paren != null){

             RichRegion r = (RichRegion) parent;



            //handle error





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            Dear Frank,


            Thanks for your response. The problem is that the action event is not getting called when the commandImageLink is clicked once. so please explain in detail

            where do I have to put the code when the commandImageLink is clicked.