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    FDQM Target Dimension - connection failed


      Hi, I am getting started to FDQM and I am trying to prepare the new environment so I started with the workbench and finished these steps:-


      1) Imported the Essbase adapter (ES11XG4-J) to the application then registered it successfully.

      2) Edited the two environment variables "ESSBASEPATH" and "PATH" with the right variables specified in oracle docs.

      3) Opened the configurations of the Adapter from the workbench and submitted this settings:-

            a) Source and Target Machines.

            b) Application name, Essbase DB Name



      The issue now is that when I view the mapped dimensions at the "Dimensions" tab, It always gives me a 'connection failed" error beside the "Target Dimension" label so I can't complete my work to map the dimensions.


      I checked the error log also, and found that the error existing now saying "Essbase AP Procedure: [EsbSetActive] Threw code: 1051032-1051032", I searched for this error in the forum here but the solutions offered not working with me!


      Your help is much appreciated , Thanks in advance