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    Show relationships between tables


      Hi guys,

      I'm new here and new too with Oracle and Data Modeler so my question will probably look very basic to you...

      I just got employed here and I'm supposed to use and manage a pretty big DB (670 tables) but nobody ever did a model for it... so it's the first thing I'm trying to do.

      The DB is a Topobase 2 (pretty old GIS software) on Oracle non spatial (Yes, a non spatial GIS, isn't it great ?!)

      I could connect to the DB and create a relational model, following steps from a tutorial, but it shows only the tables without relationships "arrows".

      I guess it's already better than the excel file that the last person dealing with this DB left me, but it would be great if I could really see and understand the whole thing with all relationships !


      I also have a second question:

      I know that probably 80% of those tables are empty but don't know which one is actually empty or not.

      Is there a quick way to identify all empty tables ?

      Is there a way to remove them from the model -or better not import them- ?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated !