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    BCC creating record with empty in Not nullable property




          I have a property which is not null. But BCC is creating a a record with the property not set. Its not doing the validation. Even the same is also been published to the preview server.


              <table name="chr_grp_applicable_types" type="multi" multi-column-name="sequence_num" id-column-name="customization_group_id">

                  <property name="applicableTypes" display-name-resource="applicableTypes" category-resource="categoryBasics" data-type="list" component-item-type="applicableType" column-name="applicable_type_id"

                      queryable="true" readable="true" hidden="false" expert="false" required="true" cache-mode="inherit" writable="true">

                      <attribute name="resourceBundle" value="com.charter.commerce.CustomCatalogTemplateResources" />

                      <attribute name="propertySortPriority" value="75" />

                      <attribute name="references" value="true" />




      This is my repository definition.