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    MTD formula


      out time dimension looks like this



      in below formula we calculating Week to date at MTD members


      we are removing YTD hierarchy that means we will  not have YTD(Oct), YTD(Nov)....


      Below formula will not work once we remove YTD. I was playing with Currmbrrange but was not able to ristrict it to select the children of the selected month


      Jan works fine with no issues but for Feb i tried using @SUMRANGE ("W_T_D", @CURRMBRRANGE ("Time", LEV, 0,,0)) but it starts from first week of jan . IS there any way i can start the range from Feb first week instead of Jan first week for the month of feb . Likewise for other months


      i tried using -1 and 1 then it moved one member ahead and behind . would not give the desired result


      IF(@ISGEN("Time", 5))


        @SUMRANGE ("W_T_D", @CURRMBRRANGE ("Time", LEV, 0,,0));


        @SUMRANGE ("W_T_D", @CURRMBRRANGE ("Time", LEV, 0,,0)) - "YTD(Jan)"->"W_T_D";


        @SUMRANGE ("W_T_D", @CURRMBRRANGE ("Time", LEV, 0,,0)) - "YTD(Feb)"->"W_T_D";




      Any information of this will be really helpful for me


      thank you so much