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      Hi all,


      I have designed a tabular form, a single datablock is shown on 3 different canvases in a tablular style. from datablock property pallete, i selected the toolbar canvas as the second canvas and toolbar style as horizontal. now i also want to show a vertical toolbar for this datablock to be shown on third canvas. can somebody tell me how to achieve this ???


      Thanking in advance...

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          Hi there


          I assume you have the horizontal scroll bar as a mechanism to scroll through the many columns/items in a horizontal line and a verticle scroll bar to navigate up and down the records.  If this is the case do the following:


          1. Create 4 stacked canvases.  Move all yours data item to the 3 of them, set the viewport width and height, the physical width and height and set the show horisontal scroll bar property to yes.  

          2. Then, against the datablock itself, set the "Show Scroll Bar" property to Yes, and the "Scroll Bar Canvas" to be on your 4th stacked canvas (resize the canvas accordingly). The scroll bar should be virtical be default.  If you only want the virtical scroll bar to appear on a single page, then there is no need to add it to its own stacked canvas.

          3. Add each canvas to a tab page you mentioned.

          4. Add the fourth stacked cavas to the tab you want it on by default and position into it postion, and make space according on the others you want it on.  When you navigate between the tabs for every tab you want to display this on, just remember to do a show_canvas for the virtical scroll bar canvas.  Alternatively you could make this virtical canvas the main canvas and place the tab canvas ontop of this, and you won't have to do the show_canvas.


          Hope this idea helps or prompts another way for you to achieve your goal.




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            Not clearly understood: you need TOOLBAR or (as Q_STEPHENSON writes) SCROLL BAR?


            If you need toolbar

            Just create to canvases: one for horizontal toolbar and another one for vertical. Assing those canvases to the window (right click on a window > property palette, find properties "horizontal toolbar canvas" and "vertical toolbar canvas".


            If you need scrollbar.

            You can scroll stacked canvases. Create a stacked canvas to display your block items. Set stacked canvas's properties "show vertical scroll bar" and "show vertical scroll bar" to "Yes".