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    Is it possible to have LDAP Active directory setup in Oracle Apex 4.1.1.x and APEX Listener 1.1.1.x ???


      Hi Team,


      My Oracle Apex version is: 4.1.1.x and Apex listener Version is: 1.1.1.x.We want to set up LDAP Active directory set up in our APEX Environment (Please note that my apex environment was made by Oracle Container for J2ee(OC4J) Version).

      I have heard that starting from Apex listener 2.0.x version , Apex listener is not supporting Oracle Container for J2EE(OC4J) installations,  So how to achieve my Requirement as setup LDAP Active Directory setup.


      Please let me know if i need to upgrade my APEX Environment then please let me know the new compatibility version to my APEX.???


      If i Upgrade my APEX to 4.2.3 and Apex listener to 1.1.4 then can i achieve LDAP Active Directory Setup and both will be in compatibility  ????  do you have any suggestions plz...


      Please give me your valuable feedbacks.