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    Master Detail Form in Apex - creating both master and detail records at the same time


      I´m trying to develop a master-detail form.
      The Master part is a plain standard form and below on the same page there is a tabular form containing the details.

      I am facing a problem when trying to save a new master record at the same time with new details.
      If I create a new master record, and at the same time create detail records for this master ( on the same page ), when I submit this the foreign key field of the details is not filled in. So Only master record gets inserted into the table and line record is not inserted.

      When I first create a master without a detail and edit this master and then add the details then everything goes allright ( since the primary key field is filled at that time ).

      I just need to confirm that whether in APEX, for master detail form, can I save master and line record at same time Or is it like master has to be saved 1st and then line has to be enterd and saved??

      Kindly do let me know, if this functionality can be achieved in APEX.

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