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    Show report details in line - Need js files

    Howard (... in Training)

      I thought there was a forum discussion which referenced Vincent Deelen's "Show report details in line" example from: http://vincentdeelen.blogspot.com/2013/07/show-report-details-in-line.html .   Maybe I found it somewhere else.   ??


      I have a print of the article from August showing part of the javascript code -- when it printed, of course, the portion to the right where one would need to scroll, is not shown.  When I went back to that site this month, the javascript was not shown and I could not find the earlier referenced ".js" files on GitHub.  (Files with those names don't seem to be Deelen's files now.)   I'd like to get those files but I will likely have to print them at home and retype them here due to security restrictions.


      And that site seems to be google+-ified and that's okay but I prefer to remain ungooglified.  So, does anyone have those files.  Yes, I could have contacted Vincent through the blog (from home) but then the forum folks here wouldn't know about this article.




      P.S. I cannot get searchs for URLs in forum discussions work -- no results are returned.  I find a discussion with a URL, I paste the URL into the filter field but the search cannot find the discussion.