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    BPM API's to Update Protected Flexfield on Task


      I have a question regarding Protected Flexfields on Tasks.

      We are using Proected Flexfields on Tasks that we create in the Worklist.


      So for example you create a New Human Task and as part of the Task Payload we have the Surname populated into Protected Text Flexfield1.

      We have a View created that views these Tasks, When you view that Task in the Worklist View it shows the Surname (eg. "Smith")  in the View.


      However if the Surname gets updated in the Database to "Jones" then the Task View still shows "Smith" as the Task has not been recreated and therefore the Task Payload still has "Smith" defined.


      My question is, are there any BPM API's available for us to update the Task so that the Protected Text Flexfield1 gets the new Value of "Jones"?


      I can see the Task in the WFTASK table in SOA_INFRA but wasn't sure if there were any public API's available to update the column.


      I don't really want to complete the Task and recreate it again as all the Task SLA's would get messed up. 


      Interested to here any thoughts on this.