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    Apex function apex_util.get_blob with unexpected behavior


      Hi Experts.


      I've been building an Apex search application and hit a snag while testing the apex_util.get_blob download url.  It appears the Download url is only valid in the session that it was generated. Meaning this.  The url in Step 2 below now returns an "500 - Internal Server Error".  But when it was first generated (i.e. select Download link in Apex app, the right click and select Copy Link Location) the same url below worked.  Is there a way to fix this?


      Here are my steps:

      1) Upload a store a document using the Download syntax : DOWNLOAD:GPAP_PROJECT_FILES:FILE_BLOB:ID::FILE_MIMETYPE:FILENAME:UPDATED:FILE_CHARSET:Inline:Download.

      2) with either FF or IE, when I select to cfopy the lijnk, e.g.


      3) Result:  If I paste this url into another browser window from the "same" session as the file, it works fine.  But if I start a new browser instance/session, and paste the same url a "500 - Internal Server Error" results.  Should this be possible, and if so, can you please share any suggestions?


      Thanks a lot!