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    Re: Oracle Developer in Windows 7


      Hi to all,

                     Will it run on windows 7 home basic 64bit with IE v10?




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          Please post a new thread to ask your question!  You should never use someone else's thread to ask a new question.


          In order to run the Oracle Developers Suite (Forms) you must either be on a network or you must have the Microsoft Network Loopback Adapter installed.  It's been a while since I've checked, but I'm pretty sure you can't connect Windows Home edition to a network and you can't install the Loopback Adapter with this edition.  Based on this, I would say no - you can't install on a Home Edition; however, I have never tried it.


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            Hi craig,

                           Sorry. Thanks for your kind information. I've tried and installed it on windows 7 home basic. I've unistalled the IE 10 and 9 currently im using IE8. Also i've uninstalled latest java softwares and i installed java 2 SDK, SE v1.4.2_06. Now its working.