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    BIP Report Additional Components




      I have a few questions regarding the Reports.


      1. Is there a way for me to put the user in the report? Like in the footer where you place "Prepared by: <username>" where username is the user who's logon to the BIP.


      2. I have a repeating section on my report that shows the subtotal per section. How do I put a grand total of all the sections at the end of the report?


      3. Parameters with list of values allow the ability to select ALL, enabling you to pass NULL or all values. I want to display this parameter that is passing NULL when ALL is selected. However, it will be blank since the value is NULL. Is there an elegant way of displaying the parameter? I thought of creating a new parameter based on the original parameter which has the query "select NVL(:parm_name, 'ALL') from dual"


      Thank you very much and hoping for a response.

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          For #1, you can use :xdo_user_name. example: select :xdo_user_name from dual


          For #2, can you create a running total for the section totals and then display that at the end or calculate this grand total separately?


          For # 3, you can use this logic in the RTF form field: <?xdoxslt:ifelse(param1='','All',param1)?> -- provided param1 is part of the xml data.