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    IntelliJ - how to generate/update controller from FXML


      If this isn't appropriate to ask here just tell me and ignore...


      I wanted to try out IntelliJ IDEA for working with JavaFX 2.2 and 8. I'm planning to start using FXML and SceneBuilder for my UI design from now on and I can't figure out one feature that is in netbeans related to FXML.


      I searched online and at the Jetbrains site and in-app help but didn't find an answer. Is there a way to create or update the FXML controller class in IntelliJ IDEA (version  12.1.4 is the one I have) after editing the FXML file in SceneBuilder 1.1? I have it launching SceneBuilder 1.1 fine from IntelliJ but after I add controls and change action methods they don't get reflected in the controller class in my IDEA project. I don't see any way to update or create the controller in IDEA after changing  the FXML. In Netbeans 7.4 RC1 there is a "Make Controller" right click option on the fxml files which does what I want. Maybe I'm just blind or IDEA doesn't have this feature?