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    apex.war context root


      When deploying the apex.war file (on weblogic 12.1.2) I see the context path is also set to apex and I dont have the option of changing it  (from admin console).


      We are migrating from modplsql implementation to AL.  Originally we had 2 entries like this in dads.conf file (/apex and /apeximg). /apex and /apeximg both go to same database and same schema except that /apeximg was used by certain group of application users who wanted to by pass our single sign on and do their own authentication. We let them do that in the modplsql implementation by defining two entries (/apex and /apeximg) and controlling through httpd.con  (through LocationMatch directive on how  users will be redirected).

      Now when we move to AL how  do I accomplish the following

      (a)  Change context path from apex to apeximg when deploying the war file. One thing I did and it works is that rename apex.war and apeximg.war and setup my AL configuration and when I am ready to deploy apeximg.war I would see apexing as context path. I am looking to see if there is a better or cleaner way to do the same.

      (b) Also for the scenario I have described above, I have to define two war files /apex and /apeximg for both sets of users and control the redirection through httpd.conf.  I am afraid that this will complicate the setup in the sense that when I upgrade I have to deploy two war files which are exactly the same but have different context roots.  Is is possible to conditionnally alter the context-root.



      Thank you