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    EBS hirarchy in OBIA

    K N Yadav

      Hi Gurus,


      We have implemented OBIA on Oracle EBS 12.1.3, Currently I am facing issue with EBS hiearchies like Account, Cost Center hiearchy. These hiearchies are stored in OBIA W_HIEARCHY_D and W_GL_SEGMENT_D table.


      Account and Cost center hiearchies are unbalanced hiearchies in the EBS system (Ragged & Skip). Since in OBIA these are flallten and stored in the level based formate, user's have to drill upto level 20 to see the child node of the hiearchy. In some of the cases level1 is repeated till the last level since there is no child for it.


      Customer requirement is to see hiearchy as it is in EBS, they don't want same level to be repeated till last level. Can you please help me to acheive this? Anything better from what we have will also do.


      Thanks in Advance,