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    Scalable Mode and DB Fetch Size Options




      Was wondering if anyone could help put a bit more flesh on the bones of what affect the following options have on BI Publisher (5.6.3 running within Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.1)


      <property name="scalable_mode" value="on" />--default off

      <property name="db_fetch_size" value="20" /> ---default 500


      The majority of our custom definitions (.xml data templates) have these values hard coded on them. I understand scalable mode will use the disk and not memory to render the output and db fetch size is the records across the jdbc connect. However I was wondering if someone had a bit more detail on them? I think the user guides don't really go into much detail on them. For example would removing them reduce run time? If so performance of what the generation of the xml or the post processing actions?


      I also notice that we have


      Enable scalable feature of XSLT processor set to True at Site Level -- which is not the default


      Is this the effectively setting <property name="scalable_mode" value="on" /> for all templates?