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    Running Validations


      Dear All


      How do you enable and run real time validations in v11.1.2.2? I have created a simple real time validation to check the length of the node name and assigned it to the hierarchy.


      I then tried to test the validation but it seems it is not firing!


      I logged out, restarted DRM service and reassigned the validation to the hierarchy i wanted it to be attached to but still no luck!!!


      It is a validation to check if the node name is not conforming to 11 digits.


      I tried two different classes as well (InvalidNameLength and custpropquery) but nothing is working.


      Really embarrassed that i'm not able to run a simple validation. I hate the new version (i'm so used to 9.3 version which is easy to use and have previously implemented tens of validations without any issues).


      Please help.



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          What does your query check for? As for InvalidNameLength it will only fire if the node Name length is equal to what you have specified (Eg. if specified 11 then it will fail only if the node length is 11) anything more or less than 11 is a valid value.




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            You can instead use PropLength class or a formula class.

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              The validation is to make sure the user creates a code which is of 11 digits only, nothing more nothing less. No alphabets either, just integer.

              My query is : Name length Not equal to 11


              and the return value in the validation is True.



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                I tried formula class and it doesn' work. PropLength class needs min length and max length which doesn't satisfy my criteria.

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                  InvNamelength will check for length only it does not keep a check on the Data type of  value, Formula class should work, can you share the formula that your wrote

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                    Forget InvNamelength... i realised it wouldn't work as soon as i tested it!!! Brain fade from my end


                    The formula i wrote is : if(or(greaterthan(length(propvalue(Core.Abbrev)),11,integer),lessthan(length(propvalue(Core.Abbrev)),11,integer)),False,True)


                    Many Thanks Denzz!

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                      To add to the above, when i tested the formula it works (Admin guide says a return value of False will make the validation fail). But the validation still doesn' fire!

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                        Try this and if it still doesn't work check these things


                        • Validation has Real Time enabled
                        • Validation has Inheritance Enabled
                        • Check if any Node Types are in place.



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                          Thanks for your reply Denzz...


                          I figured out why it is not firing! I have not allocated the Validation to the Node Type before and once i did, it started working!


                          This wasn't a requirement in 9.3 version but it seems i have to do it for 11 version!


                          Cheers mate! Appreciate your help all along.


                          But there is a small niggle here. It is not allowing me to create a code with 11 digits either (it is firing even for the correct code)! The formula looks OK, may be we have to tweak it a bit.


                          Any ideas?


                          Kind Regards

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                            What does your code look like?

                            Is it Alpha Numeric, Numeric, Alphabetic? could you get a sample nodename that you are trying to create which is of 11 characters and yet failing.




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                              Hi Denzz


                              My formula is exactly the same as the one you proposed. I'm using IsNumeric to check the value.


                              An example node name can be 12345678900 (11 digits).



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                                Is there any suffix or prefix to this nodename that you are using? Otherwise i don't see a reason why it would fail being of 11 characters and also numeric.

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                                  Core.Abbrev includes the node prefix as well as stated by Denzz, please make sure you are considering the prefix length as well if you have a node prefix in place.

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                                    Hi Guys


                                    There is no Prefix or Suffix. Just a number.


                                    I made sure of that many a time.


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