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    Error pls help


      I am getting the following errors in my web logic servre alert message. Please give me some feed back to resolve the issue.


      Alert log


      <msg time='2013-09-28T23:55:10.813-04:00' org_id='oracle' comp_id='ofm'

      msg_id='3177766228' type='INCIDENT_ERROR' level='1'

      host_id='xxxxxxx' host_addr='UNKNOWN' prob_key='EM-190 [Exxx_Ox


      upstream_comp='' downstream_comp='' ecid='0000K4mvew7Fo2sySgNa4O1IEXWr000001'

      errid='78' detail_path='x:\oracle_middleware\gc_inst\xxxx\domains\gcdomain\servers\xxxxx\adr\diag\ofm\emgc_domain\emoms\incident\incdir_78'>

      <txt>Errors in directory: x:\oracle_middleware\gc_inst\xxxx\domains\gcdomain\servers\xxxxx\adr\diag\ofm\emgc_domain\emoms\incident\incdir_78  (incident=78):

      Command PublishReport of jobtype PublishReport (Exx - ORACLEBACKUPCHECK-A7618E051A354456B15F1:SYSMAN) overran the max time for thread pool Short-Running by more than 10 minutes.  A similar excessive run time could lead to an OMS bounce in the future.  Report the command and jobtype to Oracle Support.