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    OBIEE Integration with EPM


      Hi All,


      I have integrated obiee with EPM suite.

      I have followed John Good win Blog to integrate obiee with EPM



      I have copied .jar files, Completed HSSRegistration register and runSyncUtil tasks successfully. Enabled SSO and all as mentioned in the blog.

      But the issue is, when i login into Workspace and try to access the Obiee, it is showing like that Services not up and running


      ${/xmlpserver,resources/??publisher.js, Publisher}

      ${/analytics, workspace/resources/??/global.js, BIEE}


      I am able to login into OBIEE individually with Obiee URL.

      Do we get Services related OBIEE(BI Server, BI Java Host, Bi Presentation Server, etc)??

      I got only, Oracle instance Servcie only in my environment.