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    How to pass org id from concurrent program to data template?


      Hi All,

        I can see that by setting the "Operating Unit Mode" to single from System Administration -> Concurrent -> Programs -> Request we can get a parameter to select Operating Unit, and I can see the passed value in the concurrent program log. Like Org ID : 81


      I believe this value must be available in a parameter or something which could be used inside the data template query. How can we do this?

      We are on EBS 12.1.3. DB and XML Publisher 5.6.3




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          Hi Manu,


          Can you


          confirm that for each operating unit that you are selecting, the actual value is actually in the log file.


          Below is a possible way that you can use to achive that:

          1. Create a default package 'XX_PACKAGE_NAME_XML_PKG

          2. Declare a variable of type Number (e.g LP_ORG_ID NUMBER;) in the package

          3. Create a function AfterPForm that return a boolean

          4. Assign the value of the org_id as follows:

                   LP_ORG_ID:= mo_global.get_current_org_id;

          5. Associate the dataTemplate with the default package XX_PACKAGE_NAME_XML_PKG

          6. Create a tag as follows before the dataStructure tag:

                   <dataTrigger name="afterParameterForm" source="XX_PACKAGE_NAME_XML_PKG.AfterPForm" />

          7. Define an element tag inside the dataStructure tag

                   dataType must be number and source="XX_PACKAGE_NAME_XML_PKG.LP_ORG_ID"


          This should help in getting the value.