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    Customer Transalation- Data admin tool kit




      In the customer translation in data admin tool kit we use the workflow---> specEmailworkflowaction-----> Additional Notification Email to send approval and notification mail.

      We would like to know


      1. What is the character limit in the body of the email
      2. Can we add bullets or indent lines.  If so how do we do that?
      3. Can we pull the “Your Comment” of the Owner when the owner workflow the spec in the body of the mail.
      4. Can we have bold characters? If so how do we do that?
      5. Can we have color characters? If so how do we do that?





      Thanks & Regards


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          Ron M-Oracle

          Hi Ganesh,

          #1: I believe the character limit in 4000 characters for translations.

          #2, 4, 5: You can change the format of the emails by using HTML formatting. To do this, you have to enable HTML emails in the configuration, and be sure to have a "<table" tag somewhere in the email. Emails that do not have a "<table" tag in the body will not be set as HTML emails, so this formatting can be done for just the emails you want it for.


          Add the following to the CustomerSettings.config file, in the Core\Prodika\Services\ node, being sure to set the USE_HTML_EMAIL value to “true”


          <EmailService configChildKey="name">

              <envvar name="EMAIL_DOMAIN_FILTER" value="@@VAR:Prodika.EmailDomainFilters@@" configOverrideModifier="IsLocked"/>

              <envvar name="BCC_AUDIT_EMAIL_ADDRESS" value="" configOverrideModifier="IsLocked"/>

              <envvar name="SMTP_SERVER" value="@@VAR:Prodika.SMTPSever.Address@@" configAttributeOverrideBehavior="Replace" configOverrideModifier="IsLocked"/>

              <envvar name="USE_HTML_EMAIL" value="true" configOverrideModifier="IsLocked"/>



          #3: The workflow comments are not available to the email translation variables. However, there are two possible options:


          Option 1. Write your own class that returns this data. You can read about customizing emails by writing a Format Plugin, in the Email Extensions document in the Extensibility Pack, in the ReferenceImplementations\EmailExtensions\Documentation folder.


          A method like the following should get the comments for you, where you pass the Spec PKID and the current workflow status PKID:

                 private string GetLatestWorkflowComment(string specPKID, string currentStatusPKID)
                      string comments = String.Empty;
                      const string sql = @"SELECT Comments FROM SpecWorkflowAuditHistory where docID = '{0}' and NewStatus = '{1}' order by activityDate desc";
                      using (IDataReader dr = AppPlatformHelper.DataManager.newQuery().execute(String.Format(sql, specPKID, currentStatusPKID)))
                          if (dr.Read())
                             comments = dr.GetString(0);
                      return comments;


          Option 2. We have a release coming up that provides the workflow comments, and many more variables and functionality around email content.