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    XML Publisher/Report Definition - Excel Template Issue


      Hi everyone,


      I'm Diego, and I've been getting some issue to upload/download Excel templates using XML Publisher and Report Definition.

      I've been working over Real Estate Module and I get an activity to make an Excel Report. I've made all necessary step to make an excel template; create a .xls template, uploading the file to XML Publisher Repository, creating a Report Definition associating a RDA, and so on...

      When I generate the file in the Web (DV), it doesnt work; when I download the final excel, it doesnt appear any information. It comes just the statics texts and formatting, the real data information inside xml doesn't appear at excel.


      I've made a lot of tests and changes, but without success.

      FYI, I've already made a .rtf template and it worked well.


      I'd really apreciate if anyone help me or at least having any clue about it.


      Thanks so much,

      Diego Santos