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    Report tool doesn't work


      I've run a report three times with "include All Objects" ticked . When I inspect the generated file , it is empty.

      Any suggestions please ?

      Oracle SQL Dev / Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.

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          It appears that this failure this is due to the size of the schema being reported upon. I have a schema of 1600 tables and when I attempt to generate this in its entirety then the report tool fails without diagnostic, leaving an empty output file.

          If a smaller SubView is created for part of the schema then a succesfull result is acheived.

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            Dimitar Slavov-Oracle

            Check the data modeler log file (\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\extensions\oracle.datamodeler\log\datamodeler.log) for possible exception.

            Is this happening for all output formats? In reports generation dialog there are combo boxes 'Available designs' & 'Available models'. Is the selected model non-empty? In the report generation directory there is file report_data.xml. Is this file empty or just the report file is empty?