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      I am planning to migrate my 15 TB database from Solaris to Linux.  Below are my approach

      There are 100 schemas to migrate from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g

      For Example: When I start Data Pump Export(schema wise) my SCN is 2343 and exported and imported from Source to Target db

      Can i take export from SCN 2344 using flashback_scan, and import into target db.  Will the target db will be in sync using this method?

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          No, You can not Take Export from SCN, it only for upto date/SCN


          you can also check the Option  from here :Migration Of An Oracle Database Across OS Platforms (Generic Platform) (Doc ID 733205.1)



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            Hemant K Chitale

            It is quite likely that your export may fail to create a read consistent image of the data as of the SCN specified when it is attempting to export that volume of data, with transactions running concurrently.

            Since SPARC Solaris is Big-Endian and Intel Linux is Little-Endian, you'd have to convert the datafiles.


            Hemant K Chitale