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    The ‘Third Party Connections’ drop down box on the ‘Source Database’ step in the Migration Wizard is empty.


      Here are the environmental details:  

      SQLDeveloper 32-bit Version (Build MAIN-09.87)

      Oracle Database:  12C single instance (no RAC)

      Oracle client:  12C 32 bit

      Windows 64 bit desktop


      I am attempting to migrate an MS Access application to Oracle.  I pick the ‘Migrate’ selection from the ‘Tools’ Menu SQL Developer.  This puts me into the Migration Wizard.  When I get to the ‘Source Database’ step of the migration wizard, the ‘Choose the Third Party database from which you are migrating’  drop-down box is not being populated with the current available connections. It is empty.  If I type a valid connection name into the box, SQL Developer takes it on this screen but does not keep it for the next screen/step.  It has no persistence.  I even tried to make sure that each connection was open/connected before beginning the migration process.


      Due to the fact that I am attempting to migrate an MSAccess application, I am mixing 32-bit and 64 bit software.  This may be the issue as to why the drop down is losing addressability.  I have not applied any patches to this version of SQL Developer.