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    Deploying multi-project solution (.NET/Oracle) to Windows 7 client


      Apologies if this cross topic question is posted to an incorrect forum.


      I’m trying to deploy a WPF C#.NET 4.0 multi-project solution, with an Oracle backend, to client machines.

      All of this runs fine on the development machine, but I get the following exception when trying to run the solution on a client machine:

      System.Data.ProviderIncompatibleException: The store provider factory type 'Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleClientFactory' does not implement the IServiceProvider interface. Use a store provider that implements this interface.



      Development Machine

      Windows 7

      Visual Studio 2010 Professional (Entity Framework)

      Oracle XE 11.2

      WPF C#.NET 4.0 Windows solution made up of 4 separate projects (View, ViewModel, Model, CrossCutting)


      Client Machine

      Windows 7

      Oracle XE 11.2



      I’ve tried adding a reference to the Oracle.DataAccess.dll in the View project (as it will be included in that output directory), but that doesn’t solve the issue either.


      One thing I noticed when copying the directory over to the client is that the Oracle.DataAccess.dll is in the Model’s Debug directory, but NOT in the Debug directory where the executable directory lives (the View).


      I also tried installing the Managed ODP.NET and try referencing that in the solution, but that doesn’t work either.


      I read in one thread that says if Oracle XE is installed on the client machine(which it is in my case), the separate ODP.NET need not be installed because the files needed are under that instance. All I have to do is point to it. Point to it? As in, add it to the path, system variable? Point Visual Studio to the DLL that exists under the Oracle XE directories(C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server\odp.net\bin\4\Oracle.DataAccess.dll)? Or point to Larry Ellison if I see him? What? LOL


      The only thing I haven’t tried is installing ODP.NET, in parallel to Oracle XE, on the client machine (like it is on the development machine), but I shouldn’t have to do that.



      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks folks….