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    I Have a problem with Debuging in a local development environment.


      I am having a problem with my local development environment.

      I have WebLogic server version 10.3.5 loaded onto my laptop and I am using Eclispe v3.8.1 as my IDE.

      I built a server in Eclipse, I imported a .war file and set it properties file to point to an Oracle database, not on my laptop.

      I built the project and added it the the server.

      But when I tried to start the server in debug mode I got this message.:


           Failed to connect to remote VM. Connection refused.     Connection refused: connect


      Since the Weblogic server is loaded on my laptop and I tried to start the server in Debug from the Eclipse Server view

      Why is it saying it  "Failed to connect to remote VM"

      Why does it think I am trying to debug remotely?

      I thought I was set up for local debug: