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    Unable to change Password in SQLDeveloper



      One of my customer has the following issue.


      The mechanism to change passwords does not work. Please see the following workflow:

      1. I start from “disconnected” status (this is the normal case, because my password would be expired and I would not be able to connect, but the same happens even when the password is not expired and I simply want to change it),


      2. I try to change my password with SQL Developer "Reset Password" window, and


      3. I get an error message: oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CConnection.t2cCreateState([BI[BI I tested it with expired and not expired passwords, nothing seems to work. Same thing happens if I use the command “Password” from within SQL Developer. If the user is lucky enough to remember to change the password before it expires, he/she can change it within SQL Developer with the simple command  alter user Nxxx identified by "xxx" replace  "yyy" -- yyy = old password, xxx = new password I tested it and it works well, but unfortunately this is a rare case that a user remembers to change before it expires, so we absolutely  need this window to work correctly. My SQL Developer version: 3.2.09 Java Platform 1.6.0_11 Oracle Lite Client OS Windows XP Professional


      Appreciate your help in advance.