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    Custom Authentication for Essbase




      Iam new to Hyperion EPM products and I am trying to implement custom authentication for Hyperion Essbase component. These are the steps followed :

      1) Created a class CustomAuthenticationImpl implementing the CSSCustomAuthenticationIF interface and override the authenticate method to implement custom code.

      2) Included the class in the default package com.hyperion.css.custom in the css-9_5_0.jar and placed the jar back and restarted the essbase server, EAS and shared services component.

      But the login to essbase gives network error and in the logs I found the class not found exception for CSSSystem class.


      I tried including the custom authentication class in customAuth.jar and placed it in the classpath hyperion_home/common/css/9.5.0/lib. But this also does not seem to be working.

      Also I have updated the user directory in Shared services console to enable custom auth module.


      Can anyone please let me know the exact steps to be followed to implement custom authentication. Also pls help in identifying the logs for existing authentication mechanism for Essbase.