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    Logical model changes in attributes from relations not saved


      Hi All,


      in the logical model I have a attribute that is coming from a relation,

      the attribute is generated correctly but the name always contains the name of the source entity added to the name that I define in the relation,

      the attribute is always placed in the last place of the attributes,


      If I change the name of the attribute or I change the place of the attribute , the change is not saved,

      in the same operation I change another attribute , so I have two changes in the names pending to save, I save the model, close the model and open it again,

      the attribute not coming from the relation is in the new place and with the new name but the attribute from the relation is with the old name and in the last position, unbelievable,


      also, when I try to engineer to relational model is always trying to generate the attribute as a new filed into the relational model table,


      I'm running version and I checked in the log and I have not any new entrance or error in this cases,



      is there a bug already know?

      please, could anybody tell me if I'm the one to have this issue?


      I have another models and I'm having the same problem in all


      Thanks in adavnce