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    Unable to start weblogic server back end in linux


      Hi All,


            i am  going to start weblogic 10.3.6 in production environment by using below commend but it gives error:



             >cd /usr/app/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/base_domain

              >nohup startWebLogic.sh &

             But when I use this command I am getting this output:

           -bash-3.2$ nohup ./startWebLogic.sh &

        -bash-3.2$ nohup: appending output to `nohup.out'

      Can someone please help me in this.

      Thank you,


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          Carlos Cortez

          Hi Ram,


          That it's the normal behavior when you use a nohup command, all the output is getting saved into a nohup.out file that you can find in the same location where the startWeblogic.sh file resides..


          If you do:


          tail -f nohup.out


          You will find all the output.


          Also if you want to see the last 200 output lines do:


          tail -fn 200 nohup.out


          The advantage of using nohup is that if you are using a ssh client you can close the client and the process will keep running.


          Hope this helps




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            Lakshmanan Sv

            Hi Ram,


            As Mr.Carlos said , Its a normal behavior of nohup command. You can use the same command in alternative way.


            For eg :-


            nohup ./startWebLogic.sh > wls_start.log &


            This command would start the weblogic admin server and write all entries into wls_start.log which is used to contains the start up entries. Also nohup command is helped to start any services in background on Linux server. You can use tail command to see the output from the file wls_start.log.