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    Automatic Startup/shutdown


      Hi All


      Please I am trying to enable this feature, startup automatically with the system startup


      I am using Oracle enterprise linux, the user with it we startup weblogic is root


      it's impossible to add something in .profile_bash of oracle user (oracle user exists)


      either in /etc/rc.local , nothing occured when I add the startup command on the bottom of the file


      Any idea please?



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            Follow the below procedure,


          1. Create a startup script like startWebLogicAdmin which would contain the below

                 su - wlsadmin -c "<DOMAIN_HOME>/bin/startWebLogic.sh"

                Remember to replace the <DOMAIN_HOME> directory with the actual directory

          2. Now place the script in /etc/init.d/ and make sure to give the full execute permission to this file


          3. Now create a soft link point to the run level of your system


              ln -s /etc/init.d/startWebLogicAdmin /etc/rc2.d/S28startWebLogicAdmin


          Remember S is used for startup and K is used during shutdown


          4. You can then check if the startup service is properly configured using corresponding unix level flavor


          chkconfig --list startWebLogicAdmin