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    How To Position Two Regions Side-By-Side




      I am using Apex 4.2.1 with Oracle 11R3 and mod_plsql. The Apex app I created is using Theme 21.


      I've created a classical report one of whose fields is an HTML link.  When this link is clicked, an HTML region appears (it appears only when the link is clicked).  This HTML region contains several form fields users will populate.


      I am trying to get the HTML form region to appear to the immediate right of the report region (with, say, an inch of intervening space between the two regions) but am not having success.  Instead, the HTML form region appears immediately underneath the report.


      I searched this Forum for ideas and saw recommendations about creating a "container" type HTML region which serves as the "parent" for both my report and HTML form regions.  And so, I did this.  My report region has the sequence 10 while my HTML form region has sequence 20.


      I've tried playing with the options within the "Grid Layout" section of the page:

        Start New Grid = "Yes"

        Start New Row = "No"

        New Column    = "Yes"


      I've set the report to "No Template" and did the same for my HTML form region.  Still no help.


      The Display Point for all my regions (the containing HTML region, the report, and the HTML form region) is position "01".


      All to no available.  The HTML form region stubbornly displays under the report region.


      At this point, I want you to know that, though I like building web/database applications using Apex (indeed, I've been using it more than eight years now), there are days (like today) when I wish Apex would act more like FrontPage or DreamWeaver.  I would like to use my mouse to drag a region to a point on the page and have Apex automagically write the appropriate positioning CSS code.  Sigh!


      In any case, would anyone know how to get my HTML form region to appear to the right side of my report region (with an inch or so of intervening space)?


      Any help/tips would be appreciated.


      Thank you.