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    Change max threads contraint at run time and MDBs


      I have 3 MDBs that share one work manager which has a max threads contraints and I would like change the count of threads in my application to limit the concurrent count of 3 MDBs.

      I used the MBean and I can change the count in my application and save and activate it without a problem, I can see that it's changed and saved into config.xml.


      However I also found out if weblogic starts with count=5 and I change it to a bigger number like 10, although it's saved in config.xml, the concurrent count of 3 MDBs can never go beyond 5, it only changes between 1 and 5. I have to restart weblogic for 10 to take effect, which is not what I wanted.


      Is this a defect? Because when I make a change to the count and save it in admin console, it says "no restarts are necessary".


      Can anyone help?