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    Need to route two or more weblogic queue to a single queue




      I have a requirement in which I am using multiple queues and I want the message that are posted in say 3 queues into a single queue.

      The scenario is that I am using oracle AQ

      So I have created two queue in weblogic to access the data from the queue. These queue reside within foreign server. Lets say f_1_queue1 reside in foreign server foreign_server_1.

      f_2_queue2 in foreign sever foreign_server_2. I have made individual MDB's on both f_1_queue1 and f_2_queue2.


      Now when i post message in f_1_queue1 or f_2_queue2 in oracle AQ,  I can access it in the MDB poling on f_1_queue1 or f_2_queue2.


      Now The requirement is that I want that all the message from f_2_queue2 and f_1_queue1 to should be routed to some other single queue say f_12queue_12. So that i can use a single MDB to poll on both queues.


      Any suggestions please revert!!