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    How to segregate the data at the Sub-ledger level under single operating units for Multiple Le's


      Hello gurus ,



      Can any one suggest anything for the following business scenario  ?


      BS : Currently we are on Oracle applications -R12  ( us operations )and as process of sale / integration we are trying to implement the Oracle applications for the new business( bermuda operations) .


      We are working under one ledger -> One le ( mutiple bsv values )--> one OU structure ... to implement the new business( Bermuda) we are only adding new Le's ( bsv values ) but no new operating unit is  created at this point .


      Is there way I can segregate the data b/w both the business for the following at the AP level based on legal entity ? Is operating unit only way to segregate data ?


      a) Invoice Processing ( create & view )

      b) Payment Processing

      c) Vendor Inquiry ?

      d) Vendor Management (restriction of sites )

      e) Bank accounts Management ( restriction of bank a/c )

      f) Open and Close Process ?( different cal for both business)


      If not what would be the other way to segregate the data b/w both the business at sub-ledger level  and GL level?


      Thanking you ,

      Deepthi .