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    One Master 2 Detail Tabular forms in APEX


      I have developed a master detail form in Apex , but my requirement is to create 1 master and 2 details.


      Header 1Table NamePrimary KeyForeign Key
      Line DetailsXXBCT_TRV_REQ_DETtravel_req_line_idtravel_req_id
      Family Line DetailsXXBCT_TRV_REQ_FAMILY_DETtravel_req_fam_line_id




      I require both the line details(tabular forms)  to be on the same page along with the master.

      and depending on a value chosen for one of the attributes(Accompany Type=Family) in the line details , the family detail  tabular form should be visible.


      Travel Request Details
      Line NumTravel ModeDeparture CountryDeparture CityArriving CountryArriving CityTravel DateReturn DateAccompany TypeNo of Tickets
      Family or Alone
      Travel Request Family Details
      Line NumNameRelationshipAgeGenderDOBPassport NumberPassport Expiry Date

      I just need to confirm that whether in APEX, can I have 2 details(tabular forms) in the same page and make it dynamically appear based on a value chosen for the attribute of the 1st detail tabular form?

      Kindly do let me know, if this functionality can be achieved in APEX.