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    Installing and Configuring Microsoft IIS plugin for weblogic server

    Waqas Ali Joya

      Hi guys,


      I want to navigate from "a page in website hosted on IIS" to "a page in application hosted on weblogic". I found out that there is a plugin for Microsoft IIS that can proxy requests to weblogic server. The documentation of the plugin can be found on the following address:


      Webserver plugin


      I want to know about the configuration of machines. Can IIS and weblogic be on the same machine or different machines????  Where i have to install the plugin????

      I am not able to find this in the above documentation.


      My environment is:

      1) Weblogic Server 10.3.5 installed on windows server 2012.

      2) Forms and Reports 11gR2 are installed on this weblogic server

      3) Apex Listener is also installed on the weblogic which communicates with a different db server.

      4) I also want to install JDeveloper and ADF on the same weblogic server and call applications developed in ADF (like jsp page) from Microsoft IIS website.


      Please help me and give me suggestions.