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    restrict user to submit concurrent Program




      Please let me know is it possible to restrict some users to submit a Co


      ncurrent program during a selected time frame .

      Eg we have an issue in which Process Lockboxes concurrent Program is submitted by the batch user and is also by the Users manually from Front end .What I want is that during a particular time frame everyday say from 12:00 AM to 6 PM I want to restrict manual users to submit this program ,whereas the Program can be submitted by the Batch user any time  .
      Please let me if its possible to achieve this and how .




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          Pradeep Kumar Kalyanasundaram

          Suggest you to post in EBS General Discussion to get more visibility and response as this is generic Issue.

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            Yuvaraj C.

            Hi Rishabh,

            Please find a solution pasted below:

            Requirement: Manuals users should not be able to submit a concurrent program at a specific time frame:



            Assume actual program name as: XXPGM


            1. Create a wrapper program on top of the XXPGM and assign to Manual Users. [Manual users have access to only the custom wrapper program and not the actual program ]

                [This wrapper program should not take more than 3 hours to implement :-) ]

            2. Wrapper program will check if the time is an eligible time for the manual users to submit the program, if so then call the actual program from inside it, else post an output message      that the program cannot be submitted at this time frame.

            3. This exception time [start and end time ] can be maintained as a system profile option at site level [which allows any modification in future.].


            Hope it helps!!, Thanks!!




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              Hi Yuvaraaj


              Thanks for the suggestion!!! Could you please let me know how to create that wrapper .m just a beginner so don't have much knowledge .Any psedo code if you have that would be helpful.

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                Yuvaraj C.


                PROCEDURE wrapper_program(

                                                pv_group_id         NUMBER

                                                ,pv_access_set_id    NUMBER

                                                ,pv_source           NUMBER

                                                ,pv_sob_id           NUMBER

                                                ,pv_err_msg         IN OUT VARCHAR2)


                    ln_int_run_id NUMBER :=0;

                    vreqid  NUMBER :=0;




                  --pv_ret_code:=0;   -- Normal return


                --  logic to check for time here

                if to_char(sysdate,'HH:MI:SS') between 'from time' to 'to time' then


                  fnd_global.apps_initialize(fnd_global.user_id, fnd_global.resp_id, fnd_global.resp_appl_id);


                  vreqid := fnd_request.submit_request( application => 'SQLGL',

                                                        program => 'GLLEZL',

                                                        start_time => SYSDATE,

                                                        sub_request => FALSE,

                                                        argument1 => ln_int_run_id,

                                                        argument2 => pv_access_set_id,

                                                        argument3 => 'N',

                                                        argument4 => NULL,

                                                        argument5 => NULL,

                                                        argument6 => 'N',

                                                        argument7 => 'O',   --N B4

                                                        argument8 => 'Y'




                output ('user cant submit now');

                end if;




                Hope it Helps!!!




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                  Hi Yuvraaj


                  Thanks again!!

                  However what I want is only our batch user(say xx) should be able to run the program at any time and if its submitted by anyone else (there may be more than 1) ,it shouldn't allow that. For that matter we can also restrict the users to submit the program from a particular responsibility only.,it should only be submitted by (Sys Admin ) only coz in my case manual users use a different responsibility  to submit a program.