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    4.0EA2: Wrong display of trigger code in table window


      Choose a table in a database connection. In the table window on the right choose the trigger tab. When the table has some triggers, the triggers are listed as a table. So far so good.

      Choose one of the triggers. Sometimes the trigger code is shown. Some other trigger code may be flashing for a second and then the trigger code is hidden. If a trigger code is shown an you choose an other table in the connection tree, the previously shown trigger code is still visible, even if the table of triggers in the top is correct and matches the selected table.

      I tested this under Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 (64bit) and Linux (64bit) with JDK1.7.0_17 and JDK1.7.0_21.

      The behavior is exactly the same on all three platforms.

      I would expect, that the trigger code is always corresponding the selected trigger.