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    R12 Payment outbound xml



      We are doing an upgrade from 11i to R12. The client currently generates a custom XML file to send payment details to the bank.

      I understand that in R12 there is an Oracle provided data defintion for funds disbursements avaialable and the extract comes out as part of the log of Format Payments and we can asociate a template to the PPR to create outbounds in rtf.etext or pdf formats.This data extract is in XML and has oracle provided xml tags.

      My questions is that is there a way to map the oracle extract to the custom xml tags and send a outbound file with payment information with the custom tags? All being done using the Payments process out of the box?

      I know that there is a facility to extend using IBY_FD_EXTRACT_EXT_PUB. But the problem is the client has already set format that it send to the bank and i was hoping to understand if we can translate the extract to custom xml file.